Great candidates attract great clients!

Apex considers candidates to be their largest and most important asset and an integral part to the development of their business model. We approach candidate development using a team approach, where we ascertain personal and career goals and mutually create a road map to meet or exceed those targets. Because of varying levels of interviewing experience, we feel it is paramount to introduce or reintroduce proper interviewing technique to the candidate to create a level playing field during the screening/ interview process.

We are experts in the medical device field and will provide the proper resources for the candidate to become educated on our client companies and specific medical/surgical specialties they focus on. We discuss industry trends and the competitive landscape of our client companies which will provide valuable insight in preparation for the interview process. We won’t give you the answers to test but will give you direction to the research you will need to be successful.

Resume review and critique will be given to ensure your background stands out from your competition. We pride ourselves in giving you candid feedback on the outcome of each interview to better prepare you during your career transition.

Please be in contact with one of our recruiters to begin your preparation on finding the perfect new career for yourself.